Crafity has a solid experience with the following technology.

Open Web

Components and Platforms
JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Git, Node.JS, JSLint, CouchDB, Redis, Express, Jade, Stylus, Connect, Socket IO, HTML5 Boilerplate, JQuery


Components and Platforms
Microsoft .Net from version 1, TFS, Subversion, ASP.NET MVC/Webforms, Telerik Controls, Azure, Silverlight/WPF, SQL Server 6.5 - 2008, SQL Reporting Services, WCF, WF, SourceSafe, Git, JQuery, Entity Framework, nHibernate, LINQ to *, Reactive Extensions, SharePoint 2007, Castle Windsor, Log4Net, nUnit, MSTest, Moq, Rhinomocks, Enterprise Library, COM+