Galina Slavova

After finishing my study in Software Engineering, I joined the Microsoft Technologies group at Atos Origin (current name: Atos). The next six years flew by while I was working on assignments for medium and large companies in different industries. Next to the primary consultancy work I fulfilled the role of an internal community leader. This involved organizing monthly meetings with colleagues, exploring new topics from the technology world, inviting speakers and sharing presentations.

With this mental and educational luggage so far at Atos Origin, I then worked for Macaw Rich Internet Solutions.

The experience of collaborating with many teams taught me that there are no two development teams alike, nor are there two customers with the same business challenges and rules of doing business. I evolved into being a versatile and flexible professional and consider this a crucial skill to deliver good results.

Since May 2011 I am an independent consultant continuing my practice of helping customers to apply modern technologies in efficient ways.

I worked for many clients among which are: KAS BANK, Axon Pharius, Direct Wonen, HEMA, WIGO4IT, vtsPN, Parkmobile, T-Mobile, NS.