Bart Riemens

Translating client’s questions into high quality creative solutions is Bart’s specialty.

His analytical, creative and communicative skills yield a clear solution to the client, who is his main focus and priority throughout the project. With the experience Bart gained in his professional career, and by doing studies and research, he is a leading force in every project, defining a clear vision and communicating it to other people, from end-user to engineer and project manager to tester.

With his knowledge of technology and software development and the ability to articulate complex matters in non technical terms, he can create bridges between technical and non-technical people across different teams within a project.

As no other, Bart knows that the success of a project does not only depend on technology. To be successful, a balanced team, the right expectations and a clear working process are just as important, maybe even more so. Over the years, he has worked on many different projects: on-site, offshore, product development, etc. This is where he learnt in practice what works and what doesn't.

Bart’s fascination with technology goes back a long way. As a child, he was already into computers and today he is just as passionate and enthusiastic about developing software. More: he always aims for software that meets the expectations and fulfills its purpose.

Being a professional, he daily hones his skills, keeping up to date with the latest trends and developments. Just as important, though, is that he immediately puts those skills in practice, so as to see himself what works and what doesn’t. He can spot the difference between genuine opportunities and productivity benefits and technologies that are still immature or not suited for the problem at hand. In short, Bart can be characterized as a versatile customer-oriented architect and lead developer whose passion is sharing knowledge and automating business.